9 Step Plot Outline To Get Your Writing Started


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Are you the type that dives into a story, only to get stuck a few pages into it?

Or are you the type that spends months trying to nail down the perfect story, only to find yourself still on page 1 of your novel?

Regardless, it’s important to plot an effective outline before you begin. But remember, every writer is different. I found a great 9 step plot outline  diagram below. You can keep this on your computer as a ‘swipe file’. Here are a few key points to remember:

  • You don’t need to use all 9 points. Some may not to your story.
  • This should be treated as a general outline if you’re stuck. Most of the time, I hate standard processes. It makes your writing ‘too formulaic’. Use this as a guideline. Be prepared to break the rules to come up with your own unique twist or vision.
  • An outline can take me several days to weeks. If you’re someone that is a perfectionist, give yourself strict timelines. Otherwise, I can see you spend months on this!

What do you think? Are you one that needs an outline like this? Or do you prefer to ‘just start writing and see where it goes?’ Leave comments below!

9 Step Plotting Outline


Plot outline source: Alyza Smith

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