2 Simple Mind Hacks To Succeed in NaNoWrimo

NanoWriMo is coming fast. You’re going to set up some simple mind hacks to help you get through it.

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I often find the simplest things can lead to the biggest results.

Have you done NanoWriMo before? If so, you can understand how hard it can sometimes be throughout the month. There are days when you’re flying. And then there are days when you dread getting out of bed.

In order to get by, here are 2 simple mind hacks I picked up from the Write Practice:

Type Nonsense

Here’s a little secret I learned after my first few years of NaNo-ing: you rarely keep the majority of what you write. Of those 50,000 words, maybe 20,000 I actually save in the final draft.

That’s not discouragement, though. Recognizing that fact can be incredibly freeing. It allows you to type nonsense and clichés and bad plot twists without guilt or fear.

All you really need is a stepping-stone for your next draft, so don’t be afraid to do anything you can to hit your goal.

Once you’ve done that, then you can start cleaning things up.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Don’t stress about winning. If you’ve had fun while writing during NaNoWriMo, you’ve already won. This is a huge challenge you’re taking on, and just by committing to it, you’ve taken a big step.

The hardest part of any daunting task is starting. And now that you’ve done that, the rest will be cake. What have you got to lose?

Some of us get excited in the beginning, only to realize how difficult it can actually be over the length of 30 days. Start shifting your mind set. Give yourself permission to write nonsense. Avoid perfectionism. Throw out all tendencies to be perfect and exact. This isn’t a time to write your best book. This is a time to write!

Do you have experience? What mind shifts did you take? Were they successful? Leave a comment below!

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